industrial mat

Industrial 7/8"

- Martial Arts
- Yoga
- Gym
- Play rooms
- Warehouses
- Basements

Industrial 24"x24"x7/8" Interlocking Mats (MA-SG2424)

(covers 16 sq. ft. a set or 80 sq. ft. per case)

1 Set (24"x24" pieces-- 4 pieces per set -- 7/8" thick)

Please call for details.


Industrial EVA High Quality Interlocking Foam Mats covering 16 Square Feet area. These are tested for heavy usage. These are long lasting, lightweight, extremely durable. Do not confuse these mats with those paper thin flimsy children toy mats. There mats are 7/8" inch thick with 9% rubber injected. You will absolutely love these mats.

The mats are easily cleaned with soap water or can be wiped clean with a wet rag. They are non-toxic. They can be used indoors and outdoors. EVA Foam does not absorb water so these mats are completely waterproof. These mats are fleshed with gripping to promote "anti-slip" and they are reversible.

Our clients use these mats karate dojos, gyms, garage flooring, offices, warehouses, tradeshows, daycare facilities, playgrounds, sound studios, soundproofing rooms, spa deck covering, and etc. Think of all the places that will get a lot of walking traffic or where you need some cushioning for those weary feet-- these mats will work perfectly. THESE ARE THICKER DELUXE RUBBERIZED Mats with 9% rubber injected than the FREEFORM STANDARD MATS THAT WE CARRY.

No Odor and Non-Toxic!

Bulk pricing available - 10 cases and up (Please contact us!)